Quietly now, while I turn a page,
act two is over with some custom change
the principal would like to leave the stage
the crowd won't understand

Wednesday February 25, afternoon, I shoulder my rucksack and head for the bus to Pondicherry, where yet another bus waits to take me to Chennai Airport. An interesting ride ( says the man of few words ).
Bright fluorescent lights and airco and clean toilets at the airport tell me that I have arrived... in another world. A world within a world where everything goes smooth- and efficiently. I am in the flow. At the immigration desk, the lady gives my passport photo a long and thorough look. After three months in India, six months on the road, perhaps I don't look quite the man my photo pretends to be, that man in the mirror ( see my opening blog ). I flash her a wide grin as all of my India experience rolls before my mind's eye. "Do I not look the same?" I ask. She smiles and gives me the stamp of approval.
From the escalator that slowly takes me to the next level, I turn around ... is that India staring back at me as I fade away? 
                                       Here I thought I was a thinking man,
                                     but I'm a sinking man,
                                    and I'm fading, fading away

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sudden death Pieter,
and of course other readers, here's a short message:
our rabbit died in the night of february the 28th

I'll find some spare time to write something solid soon !

greetings from bernard & elfriede

Gepost door: b.nuyttens architekt | 05-03-04

call us!!!! Hi Pieter,
we are desperatly trying to get in touch with you. Please call us or write today! (66) 53 210758 or (66) 1 8814486. Hope you are fine.

Gepost door: Uli & Ud | 10-09-04

ready for a change? Dear brother,
because of our financial situation I have to cancel my trip to India. I'm so sorry. Now it's on you to inform me quickly if you would like to cancel too.
Tony takes his chance to do his first trip, even alone. Moni would go if you join her - the rest of the crew stays in CM. Please, Peter - contact.
Enjoy every breath.
Love and light

Gepost door: Marcel | 11-09-04

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