AUROVILLE, surfacing

'capsule', at Gokulam community.

Wednesday February 25. Lunch at Roma's Kitchen. A perfect pastoral setting. I start with 'epinards a la creme' and, to celebrate this last day in India, I follow up with dahl baat, the classic rice and lentils. Delicious.
Riding my rented Atlas bicycle in the oppressive midday heat, I absorb and savour every little detail of the road back to Gokulam, going past the multi colored bougainvillea shading the dusty red dirt road and past the aromatic cashew trees. At the boulangerie - the local bakery worthy of its french name - I pick up some croissants, comfort food for the road. Avoiding potholes and oncoming motorized traffic I slalom my way back along the little black top road past Oasis, Another kind of juice bar, and Aubergine, Mediterranean Cuisine where I enjoyed a few great meal and good "one dinner stand" company. I cross the main road and pedal on through the narrow streets of the local Tamil Nadu village where goats, cows, crows and dogs, pigs and chickens all dig through the ubiquitous trash and I end up back at the sandy driveway to my quiet 'capsule' - that is what they call the little guest rooms here - at Gokulam beach.

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