AUROVILLE, in depth

To your nearest destination,
 boy you're slip sliding away

from Gokulam, sunrise on the Bay of Bengal

Visiting the Matrimandir - Auroville's central temple. 

At the gate I join the cue of visitors, mostly Indians, who arrive in busloads. About 1,000 people are allowed to visit per day, only between 4 and 5 in the afternoon.

The line moves steadily, proceeding at a meditative pace through the vast tropical garden leading to the Matrimandir. Signs along the way remind us to maintain silence. Ah, it’s good to be here, now. I realize that the slow, silent approach prepares us to appreciate this sacred place. When I get my first look at the giant golden globe  http://www.auroville.org/thecity/matrimandir/mm_main.htm   reflecting the afternoon sun, I can’t help but grin – the long line and the shape of the temple remind me of Disneyworld and Epcott center.

Inside, the scaffolding throughout reminds us that the Matrimandir is literally and symbolically a work in progress. At the top of the spiraling staircase, just for a moment I get a glimpse of the giant crystal, the size of a beach ball, resting in the very center of the 'Inner Chamber'. The cue never stops but turns around and we all head back down. At that very moment I decide that I must come back.

* *** *

I return two days later in the late afternoon. As a guest at Auroville, I have the privilege of visiting the 'Inner Chamber' during hours reserved for meditation. I experience one of those rare and precious moments where everything around me disappears and all that is left is now.

'Being fully present here and now let all that passes slip away in silent dissolution.'

* *** *

That evening I have the good fortune to enjoy a mandolin concert at the Sri Aurobindo auditorium. From what the informal posters say, I expect a casual one or two man recital in a small venue. What I get is a fantastic 5 man Indian 'fusion' band in an 800 seat arena. Sri Nivas and his brother form an electric mandolin duo, backed by friends on violin and percussion. I learn from the introduction that they have played with John McLaughlin and Peter Gabriel. The venue is superb, the percussionists are out of this world, the music divine.

Does it get any better? All the time!

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keeping in touch Pieter-you're doing it...living the life...allowing what comes in the most natural, uncontrolling way...to appreciate from within and around you.
I want you to know how much I am enjoying your sagas. Namaste, Dorothy

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