the moon moving through water
reflected in 42 questions
rising on the flood
that leads to the other side
of being an ocean
instead of following
the waves
of interesting times 

Dorothee Lang, Varkala 2004
  her mind is Tiffany twisted,
  she talks of Mercedes Benz

Goodbye to muslim mosquee's call to prayer at the ungodly hour of 5am; to the ubiquitous Indian crows' early morning chatter; to smokey trash burning fires anytime, anyplace; the surf's symphony; puja on the beach; classic hero bicycles and Enfields; everlasting ambassador taxis, quaint tuktuks and smoke belching dying buses; men in longyis and madras shirts; eagles and ospreys; beggars, cripples; my Indian drum; dosa and idli; beer served in teapots; snapper tandoori on the beach; the German bakery; red betelnut stained teeth; makhanai lassi, camels and turbans in Rajasthan; Kerala sharkha shakes, discovered too late ( banana, cardamom and ice milk ); holy cows and not so holy sadhus; goodbye to huge, hectic, turbulent, larger than life, mellow India.

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