With my train for Pondicherry and flight for Bangkok booked, I feel the urge to move. I have been lingering lazily on the Southern beaches for nearly 7 weeks and feel the itch to go. I have just the time to play the deliberate tourist and book a backwater cruise, the big attraction of Southern Kerala.
In Belgium it's Venice of the North. Here in Kerala it's Venice of the East. I have been hesitant to go spend 8 hours in a plastic patio chair on the upper deck of a small craft with about 80 other tourists to look at palm trees, but my friends have told me how wonderful the trip is. Read firsthand from Dorothee's journal how she saw the tour. 
To paraphrase Kafka: " I need not leave my boat...the world will roll in ecstasy at my feet."
We dock shortly after a picture perfect sunset - unfortunately my only sunset picture did not come out perfect.
In the morning I go out walking early and watch the town of Aleppey wake up to the sounds of the neighborhood mosquee. The night before, I went to sleep to the sound of the mosquetos.

Typically, I am looking for breakfast; however the first shops to open up here are not the restaurants, but the flower shops catering to the devout Indians on their way to the temples.

In the afternoon, 'I'm back on the train gang', returning to Varkala. 
Tomorrow I am leaving Varkala.

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