THREE MEN ... part two



We do arrive, around 4pm, at Aysha’s Resort. Just when we roll into the driveway, the Bullet dies on me. In spite of vigorous kicking and cursing by the three of us, it won’t start up again so after showers we head for Tenkasi in a rickshaw.


After Nepal, Delhi and Rajasthan, I thought I had my fill of temples; you might say I celebrate my religion exploring local epicuriae. But this is one gorgeous and unusual temple, Dravidian style – a little bit of trivia from my Lonely Planet. Only problem is, Grahame and I, in shorts are not allowed in. ‘No worries’ says the man - in sign language - at the gates. We follow him to a textile shop across the street where for 20 roepies apiece, we get outfitted in a large kitchen towel turned wraparound skirt, and dressed in the local male fashion we gain access to the temple, just when there is a parade of drummers and elephants decked out in gold passing by.

After the temple we wander around town until dusk and then gather at the temple steps with the locals, just watching the wheels go round and round. We are the only foreign tourists in town and are genuinely made to feel welcome.

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