When asked "What is dharma",
one Zen master responded:
"I eat when I'm hungry,
 sleep when I am sleepy"


All within just the last few days, I received the following comments.

Bernard reacts:
"and you may find yourself in another part of the world
and I may find myself in this beautiful house with this beautiful wife
and you may ask yoursdelf 'Well how did I get here?'
and you may ask yourself 'Where does that highway go to?'
and you may ask yourself 'Am I right or am I wrong?'
and you may say to yourself 'My God what have I done'
Letting the days go by...
A friend writes:
"What am I doing here in this beautiful house, with this beautiful wife? Same as it ever was."
Another friend writes:
"I hope you are doing fine there
 on that beautiful beach, 
 with that beautiful sun"                                     

* * *

Well, I have time for reflecting and reading - often one leads to the other. I finished 'Dharma Bums' the first week here. A pageturner for me and very fitting material for a man in my position.

From it I quote: '...and suddenly I realized I was truly alone and had nothing to do but feed myself and rest and amuse myself, and nobody could criticize. The little flowers grow everywhere around the rocks and no one had asked them to grow, or me to grow."

Just the other day, on North Cliff , on THE STRIP - I call it that way, for it reminds me of Vegas, with its half a mile or so of restaurants ( shacks really ) piled one next to the other with some hotels and guest houses thrown in too - sitting in my bamboo chair on the terrace of Kerala Coffee House,waiting for my lunch - first thing you must learn is that you always have to wait - I was reflecting on the meaning of that very insight of Ray Smith - alter ego of Jack Kerouac. I am living it today.
I was making this entry in my journal and had to think seriously and count back  in my mind to figure the day's date, and the day itself for that matter. A fellow dharma bum I met in Goa, Dorothee had recommended 'On the road' to me. So I went through the local second hand bookstores and right here on the strip, came up with 'Dharma Bums' instead. You can't always get what you want etc.
For lunch I had housemade 'tagliarini al olio e aglio'.
On the way back to my room - my place is on the other end of the beach, away from the strip - I picked up Paulo Coelho's '11 minutes' and bought a couple of young kids a bottle of Fanta Orange ( this little girl had me figured, seeing that I was in great spirits, asked if I would buy her a drink; could I refuse?).
Further up the road I noticed a sign advertising 'Ice Cream'...treated myself to a Chocolate Sundae, the kind we used to get as a kid, that come on a stick. Delicious!

Finishing off with Hakuin:
     Taking as thought the thought of no-thought,
     singing and dancing, eating and loafing, all is the voice of truth.
     This very place the Lotus Paradise,
     this very body, the Buddha.

Pieter baba.

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