"Hello, friend, wanna buy some fruit? Just look OK".
It's Fatima; she is the one on the right carrying the basket, on top of the green Lark Creek Inn  baseball cap. Fatima is one of many women plying the beaches selling fruit to tourists. She goes to market at 5am in Margao - 30 minutes from here by bus. All day she walks the beach in 30plus temperature, offering bananas, papayas, pineapples and watermelons. She will even cut them up for you.
It can get a bit bothersome to be accosted by vendors all the time, hawking fruit, sarongs, jewels and what not. Fatima got lucky and found in me a willing customer - I love those pineapples. So in the last two weeks we became friends - been eating my daily pineapple or papaya. 
The other day, checking out my shades she hinted that she could use some shades or a hat for sun protection...so this morning I presented her my green Lark Creek Inn hat. From now on Fatima will proudly wear her cap on the beach of Colva and Benaulim.

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