Panajim, capital of Goa.
Outside the phone cum smoke shop
a hand written sign says
 - no smoking

Two days after I took this picture, craftsmen install a new - aluminum - front door. The nice old wooden one has been offered on the altar of progress,  The 'NO SMOKING' sign is missing. This picture is now classified and will someday be published as Panjim's Heritage. 

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próspero aňo nuevo Pieter,

we wish you a happy new year, part of it in the far Indian countries, part of it back home, may we suppose;
the reason of the Spanish title must be found in the fact that we are invited at friends for this new year's eve in a complete Spanish ambience, and we're rehearsing;
elfriede and i took care of little Victor for a few days, and that at least was a remarkable experience, i mean unbelievable what it does to these 2 persons that we are, getting older...yes, when the little boy laughs at them;
and for the rest, they say it's gonna snow tomorrow morning, which of course would be marvellous, to start a brand new year in a spotless maidenly white scenery, and that is what we all (sometimes) need;
all the best , en k'goa nu zjère mien koninekot gan utkussen vwor ta toenker è;
greetings from bernard and elfriede

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