And so this is christmas
and what have you done
the near and the dear ones
the old and the young

After breakfast at Hotel Venite, down the street from my Hotel,  I pay a visit to the barbershop up the street - haircut and a shave. I am quite surprised to find him working on Christmas day. Obviously I need not leave my street, the world will offer itself to me to be unmasked: there is my hotel, a charming restaurant, a bar, a barber and a mom and pop corner store.
I spend some time at the cybercafe to reach out and touch some friends and family. Downtown, I discover the 30 roepie ( say 70 cents ) Thali. The Thali is a traditional full Indian meal, in this case more than I can finish: rice, dahl (lentil soup), chickpea soup, green beans, okra stew ( I try and pass ), a pickled cabbage of sorts, curd and roti ( flatbread ). Not unlike our traditional American Thanksgiving meal.  
For my special Christmas dinner I stop at the omelet house: a four wheel roadside cart that serves omelettes on a roll for 12 roepies. Very tasty too. After dinner I wander throught the streets to mingle with the locals. At the ice cream shoppe, I opt for a cone of 'butterscotch' ( a Lark Creek Inn tradition ) to top off my epicurian Christmas in Goa.

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