"Zeg ne kje min moatje, kieze kik min 'maatje' zelve.
After our tour de Rajasthan, we return to Delhi for a few days. 
It is bitter cold. The sun is hidden in fog most of the day.
With Kaat, I revisit Chandni Chowk Bazaar, 
where we meet this mystic sidewalk vendor. 
Next Kaat is flying home. I prepare to fly to Goa. 

I've got a plane to catch and can't be late
I'm on my way to another state of mind
leaving this one behind.
A handful of dreams, a heartful of hopes

Saturday morning. My little white Maruti taxi arrives promptly at 10. The friendly young driver likes to talk. "Where from? Where you going?" His recommendation: stay in Goa for a few days and then go to Kerala. Lovely beaches, friendly people, cheap. Traffic soon takes all his attention. The conversation stops. 

The radio plays some solid rock. "Is this Indian rock?" I ask. He turns to me: "Guns and Roses! You like?" Back to traffic. 

Next up a familiar tune. A fitting farewell to the polluted city of Delhi, driving to the Gandhi Airport listening to "Take my breath away..." The universe has a wicked sense of humor. Amen.

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