step away from the familiar,
Touch, be touched. Leave home,
let the unpredictability of the road shake your beliefs.
Find a new way back,
along the way become someone else.
Perhaps this new he or she
is the you that was there all the time,
before you were defined or began to define
that person who stares back from the mirror.
                                John Brandi
                                'A question of journey'
                                Kathmandu, Nepal, 1998

For the prequel to this sequel visit Pieter en Johan's Blog on http://journeytonepal.skynetblogs.be

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No news. No good news. No bad news. Monday morning, sitting in the sun
Hoping and wishing for the mail to come.
Tuesday, never got a word,
Wednesday, Thursday, ain't no sign,
Drank a half a bottle of iodine. (what the hell might that be...)
Friday, woe is me
Gonna hang my body from the highest tree.
Why don't you write me ? (P.S.)

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